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CCI Drywall

The CCI Group started its journey when CCI drywall was founded in 2005 by Garry Sangha and Kuldeep Chohan. The company would go on to win several Division 9 contracts in some of the largest projects in North America. Today, CCI Drywall is one of the most sought-after names amongst big developers.

CCI Masonry

CCI Masonry is another arm of the CCI Group which specializes in finishing and other Division 9 work on real estate projects. The company has worked on more than 50 large scale projects till date and is considered one of the best in its field in Canada, especially British Columbia.


CCI Waterproofing

The CCI Group added this division of the business, as a natural extension of their Division 9 work on different projects. Through the three arms that super specialize in finishing projects, the CCI Group has become the one stop shop for developers for all their finishing needs.

Kanin Construction

Having worked on more than 100 projects across different divisions, the CCI Group started Kanin Construction Management or KCM to offer 360-degree construction services to its clients, who are the biggest developers in North America. Currently, KCM is managing many of the largest construction projects ever undertaken in North America.


Allure Ventures

Allure Ventures is the CCI Group’s real estate development arm, which specializes in creating futuristic, state of the art luxury homes. The tallest residential tower in Surrey, BC, The Grand on King George, is currently under construction, while two more massive projects, namely SkyLiving and Emerald Gardens are on the anvil.

Skie Hospitality Group

The Skie Hospitality Group is the latest entrepreneurial venture of Garry Sangha and the CCI Group. The group aims to add truly world class and eclectic offerings to the hospitality sector in Canada. To that end, the group has launched the Skye Avenue Kitchen and Lounge, which promises to be the most exclusive dining destination in Surrey, BC.


The Grand

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